We're off and running!

After a quick port stop, the R/V Endeavor is on its way to begin a side scan sonar mission in the Sea of Crete. Dwight Coleman writes, We left Iraklion at 2:00 pm today after a slight delay to get one of the ship's radars repaired. The weather is decent -- wind is 10 knots, and the sea is a little rolly. Not too bad.

"We are steaming toward the first Echo launch site -- right in the middle of the Sea of Crete. We just completed a pre-dive check and everything is working fine. We're launching after dinner and hopefully won't need to recover the vehicle until the end."

"I hosted a large group of folks from Crete today. They were a terrific group and were very interested in our technology. Hopefully we can work with them next year. They mentioned the Aegaeo is arriving in Crete next week to pick up their ROV for the Santorini work with Haraldur."

"I will keep you posted on our progress."

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