NR-1 leads the way

We just made a terrific pass through an underwater canyon on the north face of West Flower Garden Bank. NR-1 led the way with Carolyn and Argus following about 1000 yards behind. We used our sonars to map detailed features of the canyon while Argus used high definition cameras to capture imagery. It was a great team effort and a real feather in the cap for the expedition! 

We've been joined by two new team members: Mr. Mark Betts, geophysicist from Devon Energy Corporation and Mr. Doug Weaver, NOAA marine biologist on staff at Flower Garden Banks. We surfaced at first light this morning and let them exchange places with Dave and GP.

It certainly seems that our efforts are all coming together well, and coordination between us on the submarine and those up on the surface yielding results. We're finding targets of interest for Argus to drop down to for video and satellite uplink to shore.

My crew down here is keeping the ship running like a clock, keeping this old ship in the business of exploration and discovery.

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