About Us

Immersion Learning™ (Immersion) was founded in 2002 — as a fun, hands-on program designed to bring the exciting world of ocean science to youth from diverse backgroundsImmersion is a division of JASON Learning, a nationally acclaimed, exploration-based organization that links students — inside the classroom and out — to real science and scientists through technology-intensive, multimedia curricula. The mission of JASON is to inspire and educate kids everywhere through real science and exploration. Immersion has developed eight multimedia curricula that cover a variety of exciting, ocean-themed topics in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Although Immersion curricula are ideally suited for youth ages 9-12 in Boys & Girls Clubs and other out-of-school settings, the curricula have also been used successfully with younger and older students in elementary and middle school classrooms.

What Kids Love

  • Hands-on activities. Fun, interdisciplinary activities and group projects on exciting STEM topics.
  • Multimedia connections. Interactive games, puzzles, on-demand videos, and live coverage of scientific expeditions
  • Exposure to a new world of careers. Inspiring, real-life STEM role models who invite kids to learn more about their diverse career paths

What Educators Love

  • Engaging content. Thematic, multimedia STEM programming that gets kids excited and is easy to implement — even for those without a background in science.
  • Comprehensive support. Multimedia curriculum packs, materials kits, in-person and online training, and ongoing technical support to ensure succesful program implementation
  • Impressive results. Immersion not only boosts youth interest in STEM learning, but also increases the capacity of youth-serving organizations to successfully deliver academic enrichment programming

Proven Effectiveness

Extensive independent evaluations have shown Immersion's effectiveness in:

  • Boosting interest and learning in STEM
  • Providing at-risk youth with pathways to academic success and a reason to stay in school 
  • Using hands-on science activities to help youth develop positive relationships with adults and peers

The U.S. Department of Justice has recognized Immersion's work with Boys & Girls Clubs for helping to deter delinquency among at-risk youth and establishing effective and meaningful relationships with career role models.

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JASON Learning: A Partnership of Sea Research Foundation and National Geographic