Learn about animal training tools and techniques and then use them to train a virtual beluga whale.
Help stranded seals recover from illness and injury so they can be returned to the wild.
Thousands of years ago, a violent volcanic eruption on the island of Thera rocked the ancient Bronze Age world. Could stories about it have inspired the legend of the lost island of Atlantis?
How do explorers develop detailed maps of sunken ships in the dark depths of the ocean? Find out!
Learn about buoyancy and balance as you design your own remotely-operated vehicle (ROV).
What do dolphins do to communicate? Lots! Join dolphin research Kathleen Dudzinski to find out how dolphins express themselves.
The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 launched a thousand stories. Now you can tell your own story about one of the world's most famous ships using real video from our 2004 expedition to the wreck.
Learn about what various aquatic creatures need to survive. Then they try to identify which of four aquatic environments would be the best place for each creature to live.
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