NR-1 surfacing

Now on the last day of the expedition, we've rounded the eastern side of Bright Bank. We've been maneuvering with Carolyn as they are towing ARGUS along a survey line stretching around the island. 

While Argus and Carolyn were atop Bright Bank, NR-1 circled around to the north to explore a sonar contact that was reported as a possible shipwreck.  We found the target, but instead of a shipwreck we got a huge coral or rock outcropping teaming with fish and other wildlife. Argus is in position now and getting a more detailed look.

We're headed up to the surface now where we will let our science team return to the comfort of Carolyn as we hook up tow and head back into port. It has been an experience reporting the events of this past week to you.  This is Commander Rick Panlilio signing off. 

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