Captain's blog

This is the fifth day of our project with Immersion Presents, and it has been tremendously exciting to see the whole project come together. We our currently involved in ROV (remotely operated vehicle) operations, and are getting fantastic footage of the reef below. There are Vermillion rockfish, Blue and Black rockfish, Plumed Anemones, and a whole collection of other animals that we are seeing. 

As captain it is my job to get the boat into the correct position to find the reef. We use GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to do this. They work by taking data from satellites that tell us where we are using latitude and longitude. The system allows us to navigate back to a certain spot and be within 3-5 meters of it. We also use our depth sounder to show us what the bottom looks like and how deep it is. The depth sounder works by sending out sound waves that bounce of things in the water and come back to the boat. The time that it takes to travel down and back is calculated to give us the depth.

We want to thank you for being part of our programs and we look forward to being able to bring more of these exciting programs to you in the future.

Captain Dave
R/V Fulmar

Immersion Program: 
JASON Learning: A Partnership of Sea Research Foundation and National Geographic