Behind the scenes on the Fulmar

My name is Hans Bruning and I am the Mate on the R/V Fulmar. During this past week I have had the opportunity to be on board for the Immersion Presents live telecast. I've really enjoyed seeing all the hard work as well as the goofball antics going on behind the scenes and in front of the camera. 

At times, it seems frenetic and chaotic which is understandable when taking into account the real time nature of the project. Not to mention that all the technology is happening simultaneously from a boat while at sea. Then miraculously you can watch a very cool thirty-minute program produced online as the events are happening right next to you! (talk about immediate gratification!), you almost forget which is real the screen or the soaking wet divers The passion of all the participating scientists, engineers, producers and divers is contagious.

I've also been forced to overcome my stage fright when being told I'm on in one minute for a galley tour! Quick, out of the hardhat and PFD from winch operation to steward mode, microphone shoved towards you "3-2-1-you're on!" I have a huge passion for the ocean and Monterey Bay in particular, so it's great to see it presented in an accessible format for those that can't be here. It's been a pleasure working alongside the diversely talented and fun-loving group of folks and I look forward to our next adventure.

Well, I have to go clean the heads now, ciao. 

Hans Bruning
Mate, R/V Fulmar 

Immersion Program: 
JASON Learning: A Partnership of Sea Research Foundation and National Geographic